We have developed Techgraph that is a FinTech database that provides research on FinTechs. It is a powerful tool to accelerate your growth strategy through quick identification of potential companies for partnership, investment or acquisition.


    The user is referred as to as “You”. If the user is an individual, You means such individual. If the user is a corporation, partnership or other entity (“Corporate Entity”), You refers to such Corporate Entity and the individual represents and warrants that the individual has the authority to bind the Corporate Entity.


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    How links are chosen for above & beyond Content




    above & beyond includes links to both internal (aandb.tech) and external (non- above & beyond) websites. We select links that are relevant to the content they are linking from and are suitable for our target audience.


    These links are included for a number of reasons, including:


    • Further relevant information or other key source material
    • Background information
    • Useful practical information
    • Entertainment or enjoyment
    • Further informed comment


    We do not link to external sites in return for cash, services, or compensation of any kind.


    We link to sites purely on editorial merit. These will most often be free to access, but users may sometimes be asked to register or subscribe before viewing content.


    The above & beyond homepage does not automatically accept all submissions or requests. The above & beyond homepage team selects links and evaluates websites purely on the basis of editorial relevance.


    Links to external websites


    External links are selected and reviewed when the page is published. However, AANDB TECH, INC is not responsible for the content of external websites. This is because:


    • AANDB TECH, INC does not produce them or maintain/update them
    • AANDB TECH, INC cannot change them
    • They can be changed without above & beyond’s knowledge or agreement.
    • Some of our external links may be to websites that also offer commercial services, such as online purchases.


    The inclusion of a link to an external website from aandb.tech should not be understood to be an endorsement of that website or the site’s owners (or their products or services).


    Links to user generated material


    Some of the content we link to on above & beyond and external sites is generated by members of the public (i.e. message-boards and photo-sharing sites). The views expressed are those of the public and unless specifically stated are not those of the above & beyond team. If you consider this content to be in breach of the house rules as indicated on the website, please alert the moderators or site owners of the material.


    Sign posts and content information


    Increasingly, aandb.tech is making more video and audio content available online (via a video or radio player). The above & beyond online guidelines state:


    Any material on the above & beyond homepage must be suitable for a general audience including children.


    The first click from the above & beyond homepage should not lead straight to a page that includes material not suitable for a general audience.


    Where appropriate, users are informed of the nature of the material they might expect to see or hear by clear labeling on destination pages and on the video or radio players.




    Whenever we source information or charts from 3rd party sites, we state appropriate credentials. In case of any questions/doubts or errors please write to us and we will resolve them as soon as possible.


    Any use of proprietary information is purely unintentional and cannot be used for a case of plagiarism. If you send a notice with specific details of the oversight, we commit to rectifying it in 14 days or less.